How to travel Cheap

Travelling is already one of the exciting activities in our lives. But traveling around the world without enough money can sound like a distant dream, an impossible dream. However, with little tricks, it is possible to travel responsibly without breaking your bank by using 24hr car rental.

Here is the ultimate guide to traveling cheap to your preferred destination.

Use Sharing Economy

By using the sharing economy, you will find rideshare options, quirky tour guides, cheaper accommodation, and affordable meals cooked by local chefs. You can apply trick of bypassing traditional travel industry with the sharing economy websites, and this helps you gain access to locals by using their skills and assets to become tourist firm offering low prices. Additional, most locals places to find great deals like where to find cheapest supermarkets, stores providing the best sales, restaurants, and bars offering tastiest food at lower prices.

Cooking Your Meals

One of the best ways you can save extra cash while on the road is by preparing your food. Most of the meals at restaurants are much expensive, and if you are not careful, it can deprive your budget and end up left with nothing to spend and enjoy the rest of your vacation. So if you are going for a couch-surfing, probably there would be a kitchen prepared by your host. So pack your container and silverware. You can also make some salads and sandwiches to carry along.

Get Yourself Rail Passes

Rail passes are a good way of saving your money when traveling on a train. Rail passes are relatively cheaper than booking your trip if you are going around the region just for a while. Perhaps booking an individual trip ahead of time will save your cost of a train ticket. Although rail passes fix you to a fixed schedule, it saves you a lot of cash and gives you the flexibility that you deserve.

Get City Tourist Card

If you are planning to visit several touring sites in the city, it is essential to get yourself a tourist card. This card offers you amazing free or discounted access to attractions destinations, museums, and free public transportation. So if you want to limit your expense, go to the local tourism office and check on the available tourist cards.

Use Student and Other Discount Cards

In most places, there are a plethora of discounts for students, teachers, individuals who are under 26 years old. Once you are set to travel, always inquire about possible discounts available for youth and students. So get this card and have your easy way to save extra cash as you go around.

Traveling cheap all depends on the choices you make and taking advantage of available sources to save more money in your account. With the use of 24hr car rental, you can save more with great offers to make your journey happen.

5 most important Things to Do on the Beach

Beach vacations are wonderful for many different reasons. There are several things you can do to enjoy your stay. The trips to the beach make the holidays ideal and luxurious because they are excellent opportunities to relax and spend time outdoors with family and friends and sunbathing. Regardless of whether you’re interested in water sports or simply relaxing on the water, there’s something you can go to on the beach. Use this vacation guide on the beach to help you plan your next trip to the coast.


The beach is a great place to surf. Good winds, clean water and relatively few rocks make it popular with nearby skiers, and with this long beach, there is not enough space for anyone to feel overpopulated. If you are passionate, you can find two beach buyers who rent surf equipment and you can participate in the lessons if you just started.

Water skiing

If you want to try something a little faster than surfing, there are also many water slides that you can hire for adrenaline addicts who want to fix it on the beach. The transparent waters that make it an ideal place for windsurfing make it an excellent place to ski, so if you prefer gas instead of the wind, this is the right activity for you.


If surfing and surfing is very difficult, it is always possible to rent a pedal boat to relax in the water in a more comfortable way. You can rent a pedal from many points on the beach, which is especially good for families who want to leave safely and easily.

The restaurants

If all these conversations about pedalling, water skiing, windsurfing and hiking are a bit difficult, do not worry, there are many attractions for less active holiday guests when they visit the beach. On the beach, if you want to enjoy good food and stunning views. There are many different types of cuisine, but you should have fun to go to local seafood dishes, prepared locally and professionally cooked, they are truly unique.


The beach runs uninterruptedly for about two kilometres of the magnificent coastline, so you can walk all the time and observe the views. If you want to go further, the area is full of caves, cliffs and quiet trails. beaches are often close to many hiking trails, so you can plan to walk or just get away from the beach when there is something interesting that catches your attention.

Other activities include

– playing football

– playing Volleyball


Beaches are excellent places for people of all ages and interests. These are excellent places for family destinations because children like to play in the water or in the sand. Families often spend time on beaches that build sand or sandcastles. There are also many water attractions for children, and beaches often have closed areas for swimming, which makes them safe. There is something for the whole family to enjoy on the beach and many wonderful memories for this vacation you can consider rental24h for easier travel around the beach.